I rushed this vinylcast a bit because I was so excited about the idea I had earlier that morning for vinylcam. What is vinylcam? It’s a Chiquita banana box I cut up to sit over my turntable as a scaffold for me to place my phone so that I can capture the record rotating on ds106.tv as well as cross-cast it to ds106radio.

So, I would say more but given it was cross-cast to ds106.tv I have a full archive of the vinylcam vinylcast on video

I know it is small and silly, but this was so fun!

The album is a recent favorite, I was not all that familair with Galazie 500 back in the late 80s when this album came out, but they have been in regular rotation for me since coming to Italy. I reaLly love both this album and the previous release Today.

Shared by: Jim Groom
Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Fire_(Galaxie_500_album)