Inspired by some ambient music Scottlo was playing that morning, I thought of this album by Kruder & Dorfmeister from the late 90s. The K&D Sessions is a pretty phenomenal album in my opinion, and is my most personal experience with Trip Hop. I must admit though this was a bit of a cheat given it is a recording of the vinyl playing I found on Youtube here:

I’m not sure what exactly why Scottlo found this cast revelatory, but I must say putting on an album I love through Youtube and letting it play while I work while checking in for some updates on Twitter is pretty much automated radio 🙂 The mic levels are a bit low on this, so need to see if this is a trend, so if you are into masochism and you decide to listen, level adjustments a couple of minutes in may be in order.

Kruder and Dorfmeister’s K & D Sessions

Shared by: Jim Groom
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