Kind of fitting that this particular album was my 50th vinylcast on ds106radio because it is represents a bit of a landmark for me. I bought it in 2015, and it was the first new vinyl I bought in decades given after building the UMW Living Room Console I had a turntable again. Also, it would be the first of hundreds of albums I would pickup in the ensuring 6 years. So, it was a bit unplanned, but there is a poetic sense of symmetry to the choice.

This album is fun, full of story-like songs that capture the hipster experience on the West coast beautifully with songs like “Happy Carrot Health Food Store” and “Secret Plot.”

It was just what I needed on this rainy Sunday morning, and nothing gets me happier than when I am broadcasting to the mighty ds106radio and posting on the Life is good, enjoy the archive, and don’t forget to boycott the radio as well corn, unfun porn, and manmade storms 🙂

Vinylcast #50 on #ds106radio: Sunny and the Sunsets’s Talent Night at the Ashram