I was going through my vinyl the other day and after listening to Built to Spill‘s 1997 masterpiece Perfect from Now On I knew it wanted to make it my next #vinylcast. I have both the 1997 version as well as the 2007 re-release, and this was the re-release given the original vinyl I have is in rough shape from over-playing it in the late 90s. The difference is that the 2007 version is the fourth side of this two-disc album actually has the b-side song “Easy Way” which was not originally released with the album in 1997. I didn’t have time to play it during this broadcast and I liked the idea of keeping it to the original as well, I’ll try and get an addendum recording up at some point.

Audio of Vinylcast #53: Built to Spill’s Perfect from Now On

Anyway, like with Yo La Tengo’s And then nothing turned itself inside out I was able to cross-cast between ds106radio and Reclaim Radio while also streaming the spinning record live to bava.tv thanks to the #vinylcam. I do like having my own combination TV/Radio station so very much. I’m at the bava.tv, what/ I’m at the bavaradio, what? I am at the combination bavatv/radio!

bava.tv #vinylcam view of Built to Spill’s Perfect from Now On