May 18th, 2020 marked the 40th anniversary of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis’s untimely death, so this #vinylcast today was a tribute to the long shadow his work and death cast. I spent the first part of the broadcast playing songs from Youtube, iTunes, and vinyl, trying to move seamlessly between the three. I was also able to incorporate some stories around the lore of Ian Curtis’s death as early as 1984 or 1985 as a high school sophomore. I’m getting live DJing through the web and beyond down, but without any real song list prep (which is the usual) I eventually fumble things sooner or later.

I did play a few songs off the Vinyl Lovers version of “Love Will Tear us Apart” which is a gorgeous see-through vinyl, and eventually settled in for the entirety of Unknown Pleasures. I talked some when moving from the outside in, and it’s a general sprawl of a show as the usually are 🙂

Ian Curtis Tribute

Shared by: Jim Groom
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