After a weekend of rest, Antonella and I got another for more radio. It is a welcome break to the day, and talking through our experience has been both fun and damn good therapy!

After the Jim & Anto Show the day’s #vinylcast was the 1993 album Fake Train by my band of the 1990s: Unwound.

It’s arguably my favorite album by this band, and it is agonized and raw, and the influence of Fugazi and Sonic Youth is everywhere. I have the Domino Records re-release of all of Unwound’s materials, and this #vinylcast features readings from the booklet that came with this collection.

Stories and reflections from the band members, and inspired by David Kernohan’s awesome show on Friday about U.F.O.rb I tried to keep up the standard of providing some context and continuing to tease out that moment of music (namely 1993) from my perspective.

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