Chahira and I continue to slay with all things karaoke, and Grant Potter’s 50th birthday celebration on ds106radio gave us just the excuse we needed to point our talents at this station’s benevolent pater familias. It was pretty awesome with folks jumping in to wish Grant a happy 50th, and there were even ballads created for this Canadian legend.

I also love that Grant played visual DJ to his own party providing Flickr evidence to many of the stories we shared along the way of this two-hour broadcast.

It was a total blast to be on the radio celebrating Grant, and Chahira and I are really a good team on air and have tons of fun, so more of this is in order. I mean Grant made us, it is only right we continue to celebrate him with all the joy he has brought with the little web radio station that could.

And I do think the mission was accomplished in terms of the whole lotta love we wanted to rain down on the man of the hour.

So anyway, here is the two-hour Grant Potter celebration as heard live on #ds106radio on Thursday, February 24th, 2022.

A Karaoke Ode to Grant Potter on ds106radio